How to Choose Best Mobile Phone Cables And HDMI Cables For Android Devices

Mobile phone cables for Android devices

Type C is now common, especially when it comes to newer devices. This type of cable allows data to be transferred faster from your device to its destination. USB-C cables also allow chargers to increase the power they transfer to your devices. Type-C cables are also beginning to replace audio jacks on some devices.

Micro-USB is the most popular form of cables used in mobile devices. You can use this to charge phones, transfer data, and more. But, Micro-USB cables are being replaced by Type-C due to better functionality.


Mobile phone cables for iOS devices

Apple also uses USB-C technology for its mobile devices. You can see it being used in Lightning-USB-C hybrids as well as card reader adapters. With the popularity of Apple, third-party companies have also started selling their cables.

Lightning cables are an Apple signature when it comes to mobile devices. You can use this cable to charge iOS devices and connect them to a Mac computer. Lightning cables generally come with a Micro USB or Type C end. It can also come connected to an adapter or other accessories like cameras.

Last but not least, there are the 30-pin to USB cables. These have been a staple of Apple products. It is intended for use in most Apple products.


HDMI cables

HDMI cables are what people use to connect smartphones to televisions and monitors. These types of cables are also used in game consoles and computers. HDMI enables high definition media transfer from input and output. Some cables can be connected directly to phones, while others require an adapter.

To connect a phone to a monitor or TV, you need to know which HDMI cable to buy. If you prefer a direct connection, find an HDMI cable that is compatible with your phone's input. Lightning, USB-C, Micro-USB, and even 30-pin ports need the right cables. If you can find a cable that matches the one on your phone, then it will be easy to navigate from there. Just plug the cable into your phone's port and plug the HDMI end into your TV.

But, if you can't find an HDMI cable for your phone, the next alternative is via an adapter. All you have to do is connect the adapter to your smartphone. Then connect the HDMI cable to both the adapter and the TV. Once complete, your phone is now connected to a TV or monitor.
Another thing to keep in mind is to do your research in advance. Your phone may not be compatible with HDMI functions.


Tips for taking care of your cables


Cables are one of the most frequently replaced accessories when it comes to cell phones. Often times, this is the result of multiple uses or user negligence. A good way to protect your cables is to store them properly. Do not wrap the cord around the charger or device when storing them. Instead, wrap the cord around your palm and use a velcro strap to secure it.
Another way a cable gets damaged is near its ends.

This is the result of excessive use and careless pulling on the cord. It can also be the result of animal bites, especially pests that live in your home. One way to counteract this is by wrapping a metal or plastic coil around the ends of the wires. This will prevent animals from chewing on the cables. This will also prevent objects from scratching the ends of the cables.