How To Choose Best Smart Watches And Fitness Trackers



Smart Watches


Before, clocks were only used to measure time. Seeing what time it is or recording a lap was one of the few functions of a watch. But now, watches come with a variety of features including: call feature, navigation feature, fitness tracking, and more.

Although it still features the basic function of telling the time, these smartwatches are smarter in a sense to help you get things done without the actual electronic devices.

A fit for today's spectrum, smartwatches work pretty much like smartphones. They can display notifications and allow you to answer calls anytime, anywhere, even underwater. How it works is pretty straightforward. All you need to make it work is to connect your smartwatch with the Bluetooth function.
An additional feature to your basic watches, smart watches generally come with the feature that will allow you to stream music on the go. Other than that, you will find a health tracker to monitor your vital signs. The health analysis is especially useful to help you understand how your body works and gives you an idea in case of any irregularities.
But not all smart watches are the same. Some run on a specific operating system and can only connect to a specific model or brand of mobile phone. An example of this is smart watches for kids that are made to track their whereabouts and safety or physical activity trackers made for people who love the outdoors. Then you have waterproof smartwatches that have similar features but are more for active people.


Fitness trackers

 Fitness trackers

Speaking of fitness trackers, these are devices that allow you to sync data with your mobile phone. Regardless of whether it is to tell the time or to analyze your daily activities. If smart watches are meant to be an extension of your device, then fitness trackers are the best accessories to complement your mobile for your health.

These trackers or bands are the best for keeping track of your daily activities and giving you an overview of your health. The result? Not only is it stylish, but it also works well to monitor your heart rate, calories burned even when you are in absolutely steady motion.

A fitness band can also measure your speed and how efficiently you move. Then you can take note of all the measurements to see your improvements.

So how do you connect a fitness tracker to your phone? Well, you can connect it via Bluetooth, which will pair with the corresponding app. Yes, you will most likely need to download an app if you want to sync your tracker, unless specified.